Use Cases

So, why might you want to use an clunky, amateurish distribution like Shedbuilt on your device? Here are a few ideas:

Hands-on Learning

There's no better way to learn how operating systems work than slapping one together yourself. Shedbuilt gives you the option of assembling the entire system yourself, aided by simple tools that eliminate much of the tedium. And, because it runs on $10 single-board computers, Shedbuilt makes tinkering with components at each level of the stack cheap and risk-free. It's the perfect way to introduce an inquisitive teen to system design, administration and programming.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) Deployments

With Shedbuilt you can configure a minimal system for your IoT project, then compile a clean system image for distribution with a single command. Push your package repository to GitHub, and deploying updates becomes as simple as committing to a branch. The same tools used to tinker in the development phase can be repurposed to provide security and transparency when you ship to end-users.


Are you curmudgeonly? Do you feel that the increasing speed and complexity of personal computers have done little to improve their utility? Do you yearn for the days of your youth when you poured countless hours into your Gentoo installation, shunning friends and family? Well, with Shedbuilt, you can relive the good old days on hardware that's more capable than what you had in 1999 but costs no more than a Chipotle burrito with guac.