Preparing to Boot

Congratulations on making it through the bootstrap gauntlet! Now there are just a few more steps to complete before you can boot into your newly-created system.

Clean Up

The toolchain folders at the root of your bootstrap partition - /tools and /shedbuilt-toolchain - are no longer needed and may be deleted to reclaim space:

sudo rm -rf /mnt/shedstrap/tools
sudo rm -rf /mnt/shedstrap/shedbuilt-toolchain

You should also remove the symlink you created in the root of your host partition during the toolchain build:

sudo rm -rf /tools

Creating a Partition Image

The system built during the bootstrap expects to be loaded from the first partition on the SD card (per the default /etc/fstab). It's easiest to shutdown the device, eject the SD card and do a little rearranging from your favorite partitioning software on another computer. I typically create an image of the bootstrap partition in gnome-disk-utility. After partitioning the SD card I want to use with my device in fdisk, I then use dd to write the partition image to /dev/mmcblk0p1. Your options for the partitioning of your SD card will be limited by the capabilities of u-boot on your particular device, so please refer to the documentation for your board for details. For Shenzhen Xunlong's Orange Pi PC and One boards, use an MS-DOS partition table with the first partition no earlier than 2048 512-byte sectors in.

Installing the Bootloader

To make your bootstrapped system bootable, you'll need to install the bootloader compiled earlier to a set location on your SD card or eMMC device. Please refer to the page for your particular device for details. If you're using an SD card on Shenzhen Xunlong's Orange Pi PC or One board, all you need to do is dd the u-boot binary in the bootstrap partition's /boot/u-boot directory starting from the eigth byte of the device:

sudo dd if=2018.03_orangepi-one.bin of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1024 seek=8

With all that done, you're ready to pop in your SD card and boot up your new system! Refer to our Next Steps document for tips on where to go from there.